Patrick R. McElhiney has been working on his PhD degree at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. He is majoring in Artificial Intelligence, which is in the field of Computer Science. Patrick can be seen in the dark green shirt in the middle of the group above, that met for the Responsible Conduct of Research conference for all incoming PhD students at the University of New Hampshire. Only 1% of the world's population has a PhD degree, and Patrick believes it is such an honor to be able to pursue higher education and scholarship at UNH.

Dean Cari Moorhead said that this event was a great success - there are 105 new PhD students this year (Fall 2018) and only two of the students didn't show up for the meeting. The meeting required the advance passing of 12 modules that taught about the ethics in research, such as how to treat animals, how to deal with nuclear and chemical materials on campus, and how to properly cite sources. Although not all of these modules pertained to Patrick's research specifically, it was good to learn more. Dean Moorhead added that the meeting was the one place that we'd ever see as many PhD students, or "PhD wanna-bees" as she phrased it, in one location for probably Patrick's entire career. He wasn't so sure of that - there could certainly be other opportunities in Patrick's future.