Patrick has noticed that certain days are better than others as far as the amount of code that he can write, and he's working to figure out why some days are more productive. Patrick's goal is to be as productive as his best day programming, every day that he writes code. He isn't as concerned with the sheer amount of code that is written, because as anyone knows, when you're programming in HTML, or something that you're familiar with, it's very easy to produce a lot of code - such as when you're copying and pasting lots of code, and altering it just a little bit. This isn't what Patrick considers his 2,000 lines of code per day average contribution to projects. If you count the brainless programming of these sorts, Patrick could easily write 50,000+ lines of code a day in HTML/CSS, but what's the point? If you can write a program that does everything for you, why do you need to write 50,000+ lines of HTML/CSS a day? Certainly that would be quite an accomplishment for a fifth grader, but for a seasoned programmer? It's a waste of their time. It's much better to write AI that can automatically write articles for you, but that type of code takes a lot longer to conceptualize and manufacture - however, the value of that code is worth millions of times more than the HTML/CSS it produces.

Patrick has heard people suggest that everything has already been done, however he continues to come up with ideas for new products and services. The difficulty has been finding the time to produce the projects associated with these ideas. MCE123 Technology Development just shows some of the value of Patrick's work - that he'd be able to survive in a tough position like CTO or CIO, but there are a lot of things that Patrick thinks he could improve his knowledge on - such as corporate finance, executive coaching, and project management skills. But that will come later - for now Patrick is just solely focused on how to become a better computer programmer. He wants to be able to be as productive as possible each and every work day, and there are not many days that Patrick doesn't work. Work is really all Patrick understands - he has no evident personal life, and hasn't for decades. He just works on anything he can, whenever he can, and right now that is mostly academic-based work, but the fact of the matter is that Patrick's personality makes him extremely anxious when he isn't working. It's tough for Patrick to relax - and companies should be willing to pay more for that level of dedication, because there are not many people that have the drive that Patrick does. He hasn't always been rewarded for all of the extra work that he puts into things, but he's also never been a liability to a company. Patrick just wants to be the best employee that he can be, because if he's not the best with regards to his work, he has nothing to show for at the end of the day. Other people have families that they go home to, and raising children takes a lot of time... Patrick spends all of that time working on his career - and it shows in his work ethic.