I recently came across some hate-filled speech online targeting single software developers, that basically said that the purpose of life was to procreate, because if you don't do that, no one will ever remember you. I was disturbed to say the least. It said that no one is ever going to remember me for the company I've run, or the app that I've built, or for sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day. It almost seemed as though this person was turned down by a software developer on a date, or in a relationship or something like that.

I believe that everyone has a right to do whatever they want, and they shouldn't be pressured into procreating just because of people's beliefs. The fact of the matter is that your online footprint will probably survive history better than your personal relationship passed down in history to your children, because the Library of Congress stores the information about most online activity, as do other private an non-profit companies around the world.

This does bring up the issue of succession planning for an IT company, like mine, and I have put some thought into it since I'm currently the only owner, and I do want my company to live on for future generations. That's why I've already dedicated all of my resources to making sure that my company is successful, and eventually I'd like to see it traded on the stock market as a very large company. It may take a lifetime to achieve this type of success, but I will have much more time to pursue this without having kids.

I'm not gay, but I think that those statements that I read could also be offensive to gay people - but you have to remember, procreation isn't the only way to have children, i.e. adoption, and people will remember you even if you don't have children. Companies will preserve the data, and if you make a major advancement in technology, you will be remembered forever, because there are always historians that look back at the history of certain technologies. No one will ever forget Albert Einstein - not because he had children, but because of the great gifts that he provided us in mathematics and in science.

The next time someone says something hateful about you - take some time to think it over. There's always another angle that you can look at to disprove hate filled messages. I'm not the type of person that says hateful things, and I usually don't read hateful things, but I just so happened to come across something like this, and you will, too, probably in your lifetime. Just remember that other people have feelings when they are saying those hate-filled things, and those feelings aren't the norm. Don't get sucked into hate messages, and you don't have to have children if you just want to work on your apps and websites 8+ hours a day - there's nothing wrong with that.