The purpose of this post is to address misperceptions about my personal life, which should be noted more like the lack thereof. I don’t mean that in the sense of disappointment – I mean I have no personal life. I don’t seek out personal relationships – I haven’t for over 15 years. What I mean by “personal relationship” is any relationship that would ever result in a sexual relationship. The reason why I’m not interested in personal relationships is because I literally have no interest in them. Information that is posted on this website that paints a picture of me being the perfect man in the sense of a potential partner are for the purpose of ensuring that the door isn’t completely closed, however there is no prevalence of me seeking out personal relationships during the past 15 years.

Recently, someone implied that I was attempting to do exactly the opposite of what I stated above. It was offensive to me because this person attempted to claim that friendship is a personal relationship, and I completely disagree. All of my friendships are professional relationships. There have been no incidents of me trying to seek out sexual relationships with anyone for the past 15 years. It must also be noted that thoughts and communications do not constitute sexual relationships. The fact that someone would attempt to damage my career through this type of accusation, with absolutely no proof, is absurd. So far, it has resulted in me losing sleep, and having anxiety attacks, and it may also be impacting my ability to study in my school program.

After explaining myself to this person, I’ve requested that this person admit that she was wrong, and apologize, however, she has not done this as of the time of me writing this. Liking someone because of their career, and wanting to get to know them better isn’t correlated to me developing personal relationships in the past. If I had wanted a personal relationship with this person, I would have told her. That never happened. Ruining a professional relationship due to a false perception makes me worry that this person is unfit to serve in a professional capacity. While I would prefer to not make this an issue, this has caused me great pain, and I worry that if I don’t report it, there could be other mistakes made by this person. The only thing this person would need to do to avoid this course of action would be to admit that she was mistaken, and apologize. If she doesn’t do this, she is persisting in her falsehood.

Let me be very clear here – I have no problem with this person not wanting a personal relationship with me because I didn’t want one with her. The problem is that she is destroying a professional relationship because, as she stated, she believes that I was interested in her in a personal manner. I’ve stated that if this person is going to continue down this path of thought, then I want absolutely nothing to do with her. I don’t want her to be anywhere near me because this is highly offensive to me – because I don’t seek out personal relationships. I am posting this information, so that anyone else that ever thinks that I’m trying to pursue a personal relationship with them, will know that it’s extremely unlikely, as I’m just not really interested in personal relationships at all. Even though I don’t close the door completely, it would require a great deal of effort from a woman to get me to change my mind, and this person didn’t put any effort into it – she made an accusation that was false. I can’t describe in words how disappointed, professionally, I am in this person for both making the accusation, and not admitting that she was wrong and apologizing.