Patrick Russell McElhiney graduated from Daniel Webster College with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Marketing Management in May 2010, after attending the college since 2008. The curriculum included Case Studies and Applied Theory.

Patrick has put additional time into projects including a presentation on Alternative Environmentally-Friendly Energy Sources, a Statistical Research presentation on Best Buy, a Marketing presentation on General Motors, a Strategic Management project on Wynn Resorts, a Consumer Behavior paper on the cosmetics industry, and an International Marketing presentation on MCE123SM, a Marketing and IT Services Firm which was founded by McElhiney in Turlock, California in 1999 while he attended high school.

He also wrote about a project on the topic of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) with Communications Server Platforms & Technologies, designed and developed by MCE123. The systems technology, if designed, would be capable of analyzing the programming of advertisements on multiple media types, and inject its own ads in perfect sequence, so that the audience is impressed but not harassed about MCE123SM. McElhiney has continued his education at the University of New Hampshire, where he studied Intellectual Property Law from 2010 to 2011, and is currently in a M.S. Information Technology program at UNH Manchester where he is majoring in programming / cloud computing.

Patrick McElhiney did his Capstone project on his own company, in which he defined and populated over 13 departments within his start-up company, MCE123SM. This included a Marketing Plan, and a Business Plan, which consisted of applied theory that has been developed since the inception of the company in 1999. It included financial statements, investment profiles, and key projects that pertain to MCE123SM Organizations being successful in the future. It defined the structure of MCE123SM Policy Research Center, in addition to a Legal Department, an Accounting Department, an Intellectual Property Management Department, a Technology Development Department, a Marketing Department with Advertising, Public Relations, and Research Sub-Departments, and several other types of departments. The business model is such that each of the different departments add value to the overall services and products that are offered by the company.



Patrick McElhiney began attending Daniel Webster College (DWC) at the Portsmouth satellite campus in May 2008, before walking in his graduation ceremony for McIntosh College, where he earned an Associates of Science degree in Business Management. McElhiney majored in Marketing Management at DWC, and his cumulative GPA was 3.82 out of 4.0 (2010-02-22). On February 15th, 2010, there was an announcement that the Portsmouth Campus that he was attending would be closed before the end of the year. The announcement, ironically, came exactly two years after the announcement in his Business class at McIntosh College on February 15th, 2008, that McIntosh College would be closing permanently. Daniel Webster College was purchased by ITT Tech after McElhiney graduated, and later filed for bankruptcy and closed completely, just like McIntosh College did. Instructors and students gave Patrick McElhiney third degree burns for his uncommunicated intentions to someday serve the American People in Washington, D.C. One instructor was quoted as saying "You're not going to Washington!", though Patrick doesn't know why the instructor said that. They may have been giving McElhiney a hard time because of difficulties in developing his personal life.


We are currently in the process of trying to lookup Patrick R. McElhiney's transcripts for Daniel Webster College, as most of his computer files pertaining to his work at Daniel Webster College have become corrupted. There may also be additional classes that are not yet listed at this time (5/13/2019).


Classes Completed

  • OM 201 Unknown Class Title Grade Received: Unknown ]
  • OM 210 Unknown Class Title Grade Received: Unknown ]
  • OM 218 Organizational Communication Grade Received: Unknown ]
  • OM 320 Methods of Research and Analysis Grade Received: ]
  • OM 334 Accounting for Managers Grade Received: ]
  • OM 336 Economics Grade Received: ]
  • OM 340 Human Resources Grade Received: ]
  • OM 430 Ethics Grade Received: ]
  • OM 442 Strategic Planning Grade Received: ]
  • SS 404 Unknown Class Title Grade Received: Unknown ]
  • UNKNOWN Film & Culture Grade Received: Unknown ]
  • MK 308 Consumer Behavior Grade Received: ]
  • MK 319 Advertising Grade Received: ]
  • MK 412 Marketing Research Grade Received: ]
  • MK 426 International Marketing Management Grade Received: ]


Transfer Credits Used

  • CAS 201 Introduction to Business Software Applications Transfer Credit ]
  • CAS 100 Introduction to Computer Applications Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 101 Introduction to Business Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 206 Legal Environment of Business Transfer Credit ]
  • MAT 120 Finite Math Transfer Credit ]
  • BIO 135 Environmental Science Transfer Credit ]
  • ECO 202 Macroeconomics Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 215 Management And Supervision Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 217 Small Business Finance Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 240 Principles of Finance Transfer Credit ]
  • BFM 215 Retail Management Transfer Credit ]
  • PHI 101 Ethics Transfer Credit ]
  • ENG 101 English Composition Transfer Credit ]
  • MAT 110 College Algebra Transfer Credit ]
  • ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I Transfer Credit ]
  • ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 233 Marketing Transfer Credit ]
  • COM 101 Effective Communication Transfer Credit ]
  • ECO 203 Microeconomics Transfer Credit ]
  • PSY 101 Introduction To Psychology Transfer Credit ]


Recommendation Letter:

Sally Pelletier - Recommendation Letter. Daniel Webster College (2009, August 12).