Patrick Russell McElhiney attended Franklin Pierce Law Center (FPLC) in Concord, NH from 2010-2011. The school has recently been bought by the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and is now known as the UNH Law School. Patrick studied under a MCT degree program (Master's of Commerce & Technology Law), which was heavily based in Intellectual Property (IP) Law, including Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, and similar studies.

Formation of the MCE123 Legal Department

While attending, Patrick formed his own Intellectual Property Legal Department within MCE123, which focuses on securing the intellectual property rights for future inventions that Patrick R. McElhiney has developed. Patrick also filed for a Service Mark registration through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which is sort of like a Trade Mark, but for service-oriented companies. Patrick has the intention to file for a Registered Trademark in the future.

Formation of MCE123 Technology Development

While attending Franklin Pierce Law Center, Patrick formed MCE123 Technology Development, which develops high-tech solutions to solve the world's technological and intellectual problems. While attending FPLC, Patrick developed nearly 1000 invention concepts that are now posted on the MCE123 website. The MCE123 website, in the posting of intellectual property owned by MCE123 Technology Development, is for the purpose of publicly securing the IP rights to the concepts behind the inventions. Although you can't patent an idea, Copyright law does protect ideas that are conveyed in writing, verbally, in graphical, and many other forms.

Formation of MCE123 Policy Research Center

Patrick also started up the MCE123 Policy Research Center, which studies tens of thousands of different types of legal policy pertaining to all topics relevant to American Politics. This includes national security policies, economic policies, social policies, justice policies, and homeland security policies. Patrick was studying to eventually run for public office in the Federal Government, and he has continued to work towards that goal ever since attending FPLC.

Classes Taken

  • LIP-0139 Intro to the American Legal Systems
  • LIP-0055 Graduate Programs Contracts
  • LIP-0094 Graduate Programs Skills I
  • LIP-0144 Intellectual Property in the Information Society
  • LIP-0154 Patent Law
  • LIP-0107 World Trade, World Intellectual Property Law & Institutions


Disability Withdrawal from FPLC

Unfortunately, Patrick had to withdrawal from the program before he could complete his degree due to developing a mental health condition, Psychosis NOS, that required some extensive mental health treatment at NH Hospital in Concord, NH. It was not his fault that he developed the condition - Patrick blames the condition arising on his time working for then Senator Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign from 2007-2008, in which time he was followed by Secret Service and FBI agents due to him expressing publicly a personal interest in marrying Chelsea Clinton. Patrick received thousands of threats to his life while working on the campaign, and afterwards, that mostly went unreported. Patrick thinks the Secret Service was monitoring for the threats the entire time, and the FBI was investigating people in proximity to Patrick R. McElhiney for potential threats to him and to the campaign. Patrick enjoyed working for Hillary for President, however he did not marry Chelsea Clinton, because she married someone else. He still thinks highly of her.

Future Intentions

Patrick R. McElhiney has expressed an interest to revisit his law degree in the future sometime, however now he is solely focused on being a computer programmer and developing the IP that he has made public, sort of like a contract with the public to achieve great things. Patrick has also expressed an interest in taking a Political Science graduate degree someday. Whether he takes these degrees or not will come down to whether he can afford to, considering the burden of coming up with a retirement strategy and running his company successfully. Thank you for reading about Patrick R. McElhiney's intentions to become a public person. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Patrick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.