Sixth Grade, 1994-1995

McElhiney became a member of the Student Council at Brown Elementary School, and sold Slushee Puppy and Popcorn during lunch. He also caught bumble bees and other bugs to feed to the class pet - a black widow. The class also had a tarantula, that bit him one day. It later died.

Patrick was a straight "A" or "B" student in sixth grade.

Patrick thought his teacher, Mr. Labrum, was cool. He was really into sports, which so was Patrick - except McElhiney wasn't very good at sports. He just liked to participate in them. The teacher's son, Jon, was also in the class.

McElhiney received three Achievement Awards (Labrum, 1994), (Labrum, 1995), (Hoy, 1995), and he received the Best Costume award in the Patrician contest (Brown Bobcats Student Council, 1995). Patrick also competed in the Young Astronauts Rocketry Competition (Young Astronauts, 1995).

McElhiney helped to plan the Valentine Dance on February 8, 1995 and the sixth grade Graduation Dance on June 16, 1995 (Student Council, 1995).

Fifth Grade, 1993-1994

McElhiney received additional math awards. He was getting quite advanced with math at this point in his life. He thought his teacher, Mrs. Crist, was really nice. McElhiney received two Achievement Awards during Fifth Grade (Crist, 1993), (Crist, 1994). He joined the Young Astronauts, and he competed in the Rocketry Competition (Young Astronauts, 1994). Patrick was a "Super Kid" (Student Council, 1994-95), and he won a blue ribbon in the science fair (Santiago, 1994). Patrick's 4th grade science project used a multi-meter that was set to beep when it made a circuit through a conductive material. The project explained the differences between conductors and insulators. Touching the insulator resulted in no beep, and touching the conductor resulted in a beep. He was also recognized for perfect attendance for the entire 1993-94 school year (Crist, 1994).

One of Patrick's friends got their first pager that could receive text messages such as updates pertaining to political elections. He lived near Patrick in the housing development behind where Patrick lived.

Fourth Grade, 1992-1993

McElhiney was moved to Brown School for Fourth Grade, and this school was much closer to his home. His teacher's name was Mrs. Harms.

McElhiney was already building digital circuits using a 130 in one Electronic Project Lab from Radio Shack. One day he brought it into school and gave a presentation on electronic components to his fourth grade class. During the presentation a lightning storm developed immediately overhead. The power went out while he was describing what a resistor was.

In 1993, Patrick R. McElhiney's talent with music was realized when the Brown School Orchestra in Turlock, California needed a String Bass player. McElhiney received an Achievement Award (Harms, 1993), and he received an award for his good attendance in music (Crist, 1993). Patrick was recognized for his musical achievement and outstanding service as a member of the orchestra at Brown Elementary School (Dix, 1993). Patrick also participated in the 1993 Strings Clinic by the Stanislaus County Office of Education (Peterson, 1993).

Patrick was friends with the young man that delivered their Turlock Journal newspaper, who would go and buy candy with their wages. One day, when Patrick was helping his friend deliver newspapers on his bike, he was nearly hit by a car at an apartment complex. Patrick would put the rubber bands on the newspapers, and also help to deliver them. He thought it was fun to work - he never got paid for it.