McElhiney studied Computer Science at Merced College where he received competencies in A+ Computer Repair (CompTIA A+, 2001), Fundamentals of Web Design (Adobe, 2002), and four consecutive years of industry recognized CCNA/CCNP training through the Cisco Systems Network Academy program. He entered Merced College one week after graduating from Turlock High School (THS) in June 2001, having completed the first of four classes in the CCNA curriculum at THS. He attended the CCNA 2 summer class at the Merced College Main Campus with his high school electronics teacher, Bob Hoskins (CCNA 1-2, 2001). McElhiney was the only graduate from Turlock High School that completed the second class during the summer of 2001. He completed the CCNA training under the instruction of William Walls at Park Avenue Cisco Sites 1 & 2, Merced College (CCNA 1-4, 2002).

McElhiney performed lab work with the Cisco Academy included terminating the ends of over 20,000ft of CAT-5e UTP cable, in addition to using multi-mode fiber and gigabit for switch and router interconnectivity & redundancy. He gained experience configuring Cisco 3500XL switches with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Cisco 2600 routers with VLANs, and the use of a T1 carrier on the ADTRAN ATLAS 550. Other WAN technologies he configured included DSL and T1 CSU/DSU, and ISDN PRI/BRI. McElhiney developed a configuration to use Cisco 2522 access routers for a frame relay lab at California State University Fresno Engineering Department. He also developed configurations for the Cisco 2511 remote access server that connects up to 16 routers to the Internet. He also gained experience using the NM-16 and NM-32.

Lorena Daniel - Classmate Recommendation Letter.
CCNA/CCNP Network Academy, Merced College. (2004, June 18).


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