Patrick Russell McElhiney attended UNH Manchester from the Fall of 2016 through the Summer of 2018. He graduated with a M.S. Information Technology degree in September 2018.

The curriculum included core IT courses with labs, projects, and exams, as well as elective courses and IT integration courses. Patrick had to take an Introduction to Programming class (COMP 425) and Operating Systems and Networking (COMP 530) as pre-requisites to taking his Graduate classes, because his Bachelor`s degree was in Marketing Management.

In Introduction to Programming (COMP 425), Patrick created a graphical computer game using the Java programming language in Greenfoot, which was based on a fisherman catching fish out of the ocean.

Patrick used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to study the use of NoSQL databases, including Graph databases like Neo4j and Titan, in Advanced Databases class (COMP 820) taught by Professor Timothy Chadwick. He also studied relational databases to a very complex degree.

Patrick has put a lot of additional time into projects, including a presentation on Russian Counter-Intelligence and Cyber-Warfare in his Information Security class (COMP 815), a social media website called MeAndYou in his Object Oriented Programming class (COMP 830) - which he continued to work on in Independent Study (COMP 895) and in his Thesis class (COMP 899) under the direction of Professor Michael Jonas, PhD. Patrick has has incorporated his skills that he has gained in the program in everything that he does on a daily basis with the school and with his company, MCE123SM.

Patrick wrote a program that can launch 30 or more web server containers with AWS, GCP, or AZURE using Terraform in his DevOps class (COMP 880). The program works by using a custom templating engine written in Python, that creates sub-directories for each username from a list of e-mail addresses, and each sub-directory contains a custom file and a custom file that is called by the file.

Patrick wrote a custom Django website application framework that is used for developing MCE123SM's Free Marketing Plans for small businesses in his Data Structures class (COMP 525), and he continued working on it with a student from his program that served as an intern with his company over the summer. They launched it as The website application works through a Model-View-Controller (MVC) that allows data to be stored to a database using the Python computer language.

Patrick developed a custom website analytics program using Tableau Desktop in his Tableau Visualizations class (COMP 880), to out-perform Awstats, which is the statistics program used by MCE123SM's webhosting company.

Patrick developed a solution for his Systems Integrations class (COMP 851) that combined the usage of Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenMRS, Kafka, Cassandra databases, and much more! The solution was meant to be for a bioresearch company that needed to compare DNA sequencing for different diseases to identify the exact disease(s) a patient has.

Patrick has maintained professional relationships with his classmates while representing his company, MCE123SM, and has become a member of the Golden Key International Honors Society with a 4.0 GPA as of the Fall of 2017. He has been passionate about doing more than the minimum requirements in each of his classes, in order to excel at his career.

Patrick also completed three classes in the Spring of 2018, including Big Data (COMP 821),  Advanced Web Development (COMP 805), and Programming Languages (COMP 825).

Patrick completed his Thesis course during the Summer of 2018, and is enrolled in the Computer Science PhD program at UNH Durham, which started in September 2018.


Classes Completed

  • COMP 425 Introduction to Programming Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 820 Advanced Databases Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 830 Object Oriented Software Development Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 530 Machine and Network Architecture Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 880 DevOps Principles and Practices Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 895 Advanced Topics of Software Development Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 815 Information Security Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 821 Big Data for Data Engineers Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 851 Systems Integration & Architecture Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 880 Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 525 Data Structures Fundamentals Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 825 Programming Languages Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 805 Advanced Web Development Grade Received: ]
  • COMP 899 Master's Thesis Grade Received: ]


Class Projects:


Master's Thesis: