On March 22nd, 2017, Patrick McElhiney was nearly run off the side of the road by a semi-truck on his way home from school. In the video, you can see the semi-truck consider passing on the right, and then follow very closely until Patrick turned off of RTE-125 onto Kelsey Rd, at which point the semi-truck nearly rear ended Patrick, speeding up as it passed, forcing Patrick to go over the center line of the road to avoid a collision (you can hear the speed bumps as the tires pass over the center).

What was concerning about this, was that the very next day, President Donald J. Trump was seen getting into a semi-truck at the White House, wearing a pin that stated "I love trucks!", honking the horn, and displaying behavior that seemed consistent with the behavior of the semi-truck driver the night before.

Now, we're not suggesting that President Trump was driving the truck, and we didn't even think much of it, until Patrick started receiving e-mails from the American Trucking Association. Patrick isn't a member of the ATA, as you can see the logo in the photograph with Trump at the White House, however when the ATA started using "MCE" as a marketing ploy, this story gained some credibility. Is President Trump targeting Patrick McElhiney, Company Founder of MCE123, with dangerous politics that are seeking to run Patrick off the road?