Age 5, 1987-1988

Patrick McElhiney's mom worked at Alpine Video in Stockton, CA - which was owned and operated by Aaron Moore's parents. It burned down once because of an air conditioner that malfunctioned. The company later expanded. Patrick remembers visiting the burned out building - the smell of the smoke damage really bothered him.

Patrick liked to check out books from the library on a bus in Stockton, CA. He checked out books like Where's Waldo and a book about a caterpillar.

Patrick started in kindergarten in his fifth year, and they made him write his name in really big letters. Patrick didn't like writing things large - he liked writing small letters. Plus, Patrick already knew how to write his name because his mother taught him how to. He liked all of the toys that he got to play with, such as the big wooden blocks that he would make structures out of by stacking them up together.

Age 4, 1986-1987

McElhiney learned how to write his name at the age of four. He became friends with Aaron Moore, a Stockton local kid about his age, and they played cops & robbers and hide-and-go-seek. Patrick was usually the cop, and he didn't really like the toy guns that Aaron had, because they upset Patrick's mother. They also watched cartoons, such as Inspector Gadget, and they played Lego's.

Age 3, 1985-1986

McElhiney began gardening at the age of three in his own garden located in the second backyard of his old home. He got a green thumb by learning how to raise and grow plants. Now he was able to walk on his own two feet, and he kind of knew how to run! It got much harder for Patrick's parents to keep a watchful eye over him. The garden included strawberries, and there was a fig tree. Patrick learned about the vast size of his backyard, including all of the great hiding places!

Age 2, 1984-1985

McElhiney learned to walk by age two, and had already began to run. It became more difficult for his parents to keep a close eye on him. He began exploring the large backyard of their home on Telegraph Ave in Stockton, CA. There was a backyard, and a back-backyard, that were separated by a wall covered by ivy.

Patrick liked to dance to his parents' music, on their Bose sound system - including bands such as Chicago.

Patrick's mom, Diane, said that Patrick used to ride in a bicycle seat with her to go and see trucks at construction sites in Stockton, CA. He also had a lot of Tonka trucks that he played with in mock mini-construction sites in their backyard in Stockton. Patrick's father, Michael, would also take Patrick out to get French Fries, as they would watch the construction of the barge in Stockton's port. Patrick liked the large ships that docked there to unload cargo.

Patrick Running in Backyard

Age 1, 1983-1984

Patrick R. McElhiney was born at Dameron Hospital at 525 W. Acacia in Stockton, California on October 18th, 1983 at 10:55PM Pacific Standard Time. He weighed 11 pounds, and measured 24 inches tall at birth.

When Patrick was born, Ronald Regan was the President of the United States.

Patrick's father, Michael A. McElhiney, worked for the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. His mother, Diane J. Labrie, raised their kids at home. She wasn't employed at the time that Patrick was born. Patrick has one sibling, Crystal A. McElhiney, who was six years old when Patrick was born.

Other names that Patrick's parents were considering were "Kailean", "Kieran", and "Paddy". Also, "Russell" means red and fearless, according to Patrick's mother (2011-03-01 06:57PM EST).

Patrick R. McElhiney learned how to crawl quickly, and he was fast to escape from his parents. Once he pulled out all of his mothers tulips in her garden when she let him run around in the backyard one day, and she wasn't very pleased.

They lived at 1736 Telegraph Ave. in Stockton, California.