Patrick McElhiney is a pretty easy-going guy, that is described by others as nice, compassionate, thoughtful, and understanding of others. He has struggled throughout his life with communication barriers, especially in the development of a romantic life with a woman. Even though Patrick is straight, he doesn't normally have a lot of personal feelings for women in the sense of attraction based on appearances alone. He requires extreme intellectual intimacy in order to be attracted to a woman, and even then, it isn't usually a sexual attraction. Patrick doesn't usually seek out a woman at all, because he's generally too busy with his academic life and career to notice any woman in a romantic sense, even if she's the best in his world. This doesn't mean it isn't possible. He admires women that take advantage of his complexity and simplicity to develop more in-depth public relationships that are extremely intimate from a layer of privacy (or extreme secrecy) about the everyday meanings of things that inspire the development of the relationship. She doesn't need a nod of approval to seek Patrick out, but it will be very difficult to achieve a working relationship.

It should be known that Patrick doesn't have sex - or at least he hasn't for the past 15 years. He thinks it's a waste of time unless it's for the purpose of having children. He'd rather spend his time working on developing something, such as an invention or a computer program. It's not that he doesn't like women - it's that he usually doesn't want to have sex with them. There's nothing bad that happened in the past that makes Patrick this way. It developed over a long period of time. It's not because of rejection by women - there have been a lot of women that have made advances, but Patrick usually isn't interested. It should be noted that Patrick is not gay. He just doesn't connect with women in that way. Likewise, he doesn't see women in the same way that most men do - i.e. pieces of meat. Patrick is very respectful of all women, as long as they don't willingly try to offend him. One way women have offended him in the past has been to suggest that he's trying to make advances - because he doesn't do this. It doesn't matter to Patrick whether a woman's false perceptions of advances were welcomed or not - this is highly offensive in any case.

Patrick has been gifted with a genius mind, and he doesn't like to take his concentration off of work for just anyone. Patrick has invested a lot of time into developing the structure of his company for the future, and his education which he needs in the future, and therefore he doesn't really have a lot of extra time and money to invest in a romantic relationship. He doesn't believe that his professional success requires the development of a romantic relationship, so he doesn't really see a need for it - not to mention he isn't being rewarded for pursuing one. A personal relationship isn't what drives him to innovate and lead in his industry works. With or without the right woman, Patrick will be an unstoppable success story on an international level.

Patrick grew up in the company of people who always longed for someone else in their life, and for Patrick, he was always looking for the perfect woman to be his true significant other. It seemed that others were more concerned with trying to hook up with other people like it was some type of game that men play against each other, i.e. who can hook up with the prettiest woman. This disgusted Patrick. At one point in time, he had aspirations to spend his life with someone that genuinely cared about him, not someone that is just trying to show off. Patrick has developed this website to convey his values and beliefs to the public, so that anyone can learn more about him, and will know how to and maybe even want to make a difference in his life, regardless of whether that be personally or strictly professionally. It should be noted that Patrick only considers sexual relationships "personal" relationships, and these are the types of relationships that he avoids entirely.

Patrick has long announced that he wants to run for President of the United States someday, which he plans to do around the year 2050, or possibly sooner if the conditions are right. He spends a lot of time attending to the needs of the American People, and when he thinks about a significant other, hypothetically, he thinks about someone that shares a passion not just for politics, but for the good of all people. There's a lot of work to do. Patrick isn't specific about a particular political party that she must be in, as he believes that the best relationship will be extremely challenging and rewarding and that ideological differences shouldn't separate people. She should be very critical of Patrick and represent the American People as he does.

Hypothetically, she should be around his age, although Patrick isn't opposed to being with either a younger or older woman as long as it's a legal relationship, i.e. > 18 years old, not currently married. Patrick isn't opposed to having a relationship with someone who is divorced, but not before they are legally divorced in such a case, and he doesn't believe that anyone should ruin good relationships to pursue him. It should be their choice in such an instance. He's not opposed to dating women who have known or unknown mental or physical disabilities. Patrick doesn't cheat, lie, or steal - he's very honest and has a lot of integrity in everything he pursues, professionally and personally.

If you do want to develop a more intimate relationship with Patrick, here are some recommendations:

  • Patrick never asks anyone out even if he likes them - if you're interested in him, talk to him. Also, he may say no many times before he becomes interested. Don't stop pursuing him if he shuts down your efforts. Be persistent, but be considerate of his feelings as well. He looks for who keeps coming back.
  • Don't expect Patrick to show affection for you, if you don't show affection for him, first. He never makes the first move. In Patrick's career, he's overly concerned about being mislabeled by women as that is his primary voting block. He doesn't try because he has high moral and ethical standards that keep him from expressing his personal feelings.
  • Don't use your friends or members of Patrick's family to "feel out" a relationship. Be direct with your approach to him. You need to act like your the future First Lady of the United States. Any imperfections will be amplified by the public, and Patrick will dislike this.
  • Don't discuss former personal relationships with Patrick unless if asked to. Also don't discuss your level of expertise in relationships, in general, either way. That's the #1 way for Patrick to lose interest in a woman. Also, don't ask Patrick about past personal relationships - he doesn't like talking about them.
  • Don't see other men at the same time you're interested in Patrick. If you're interested in Patrick, focus on him only, even if you're not making any progress. If you're the type of person that needs sex to survive a relationship, you're probably better off with someone else. Patrick isn't opposed to having sex - he just doesn't have an enormous interest in it like most men do. He's a man of values and conviction. Love Patrick for his professional life. Inspire and motivate him to do good things.
  • Patrick doesn't like having to choose between lots of potential candidates. He thinks about what the effects of having the relationship would be to other people the most, and if presented with such an instance of popularity, Patrick would probably remain single anyways, because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by lack of choice. Patrick also doesn't like it when women fight among each other over Patrick or try to compare one another in a way that elevates anyone to Patrick's liking.

If you truly want a relationship with Patrick, it's going to be very difficult to do, however, if he entertains the notion, it will be the best relationship you have ever imagined. You also don't have to love politics to love Patrick, but if you love Patrick, you're inevitably going to be involved in politics. Be prepared to have your entire life put under the microscope on an international level of intrigue. Everything that you encounter is affected by your presence and proximity in such a relationship. The world will inevitably revolve around you, in a certain way. You need to be highly ethical and law-abiding - any history of criminal activity, no matter how small or explainable, will be amplified and talked about by every person on the planet.

There will be a lot of security - Patrick will never allow anything bad to happen to you. Think of it as an audition for a reality TV show - ultimately you will feel so isolated that you can hear your own thoughts in the back of your head as billions of people listen to you and watch your every move. If you can't see yourself doing all of this on a regular basis, you don't know him well enough and you're not the right person for him. You're your own person - Patrick doesn't need you to "complete" himself. He's a very intelligent thinker - in politics and computers. Check this page again in the future, as it will change over time, but don't wait too long to proceed forward with him or he's likely to dismiss your lack of effort.