Patrick would describe himself as a Roman Catholic, whom does not regularly attend church at this time even though he has in the past. He believes in the word and the works of God in his daily life, even if he doesn't quote scripture or openly practice religion in public. Patrick has been a part of things in the past that would only be described as miracles, such as his survival through severe illness, his recovery from that illness with the ability to function in a normal everyday life, and his development of intellectual abilities that led to him personally documenting thousands of technological invention concepts that varied from tens to hundreds of years before their prime in a short burst of time without any logical explanation. Patrick is truly special, many believe, in the eyes of God, for his leadership abilities, and his ability to accomplish monumental tasks without the need for an ego to feed off public recognition.


Patrick would rather convey the truth, even if it is damaging, than tell falsehoods. However, Patrick is very security conscience, and he doesn't share anything that is irrelevant to the audience. Patrick is worthy of trust at the highest possible level when it comes to civic responsibilities and his duty to the nation and world peace. Sometimes Patrick will not comment if there is not enough information to develop a dialogue - this should not be viewed as a mistrust. If Patrick doesn't know enough about something, he will learn more about it before he comments.

Political Beliefs

Patrick has worked for causes in the past that he has believed in, such as his political works - supporting universal healthcare, gay marriage, environmental protection, women's rights & equality, and protecting our national security - plus so much more! It's the vast amount of work that Patrick does, that is centered around reaching individuals in power that can make decisions and changes to our society, that reflects his ambitions to work for the interests of the American People. Patrick believes that he can make more changes by writing letters, and conducting studies on topics that most people don't even know about, that set Patrick aside from the normal everyday person, into a category that requires the utmost attention to detail in civics and public responsibility, because being intelligent can be used for good purposes - and Patrick would never want to use his intelligence for the wrong purposes!


Patrick McElhiney respects all persons and entities equally. He doesn't like identifying people or organizations based on their religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other personally identifiable information. He must represent all persons and organizations as if they are all sitting at the same table with an equal voice, even though they come from different backgrounds of history.