Patrick R. McElhiney started his working life at a young age in great financial hardship, and has slowly earned himself a reputation as a solid lead for software engineering, including complex website design and server-side infrastructure. He's dependable, creative, and most of all he really cares about getting the quality of whatever he designs right before it is delivered to the client. He has an attention to detail that is like no other. He used to be made fun of for how many pages of icons he would have on his Desktop - now he has everything organized into literally billions of folders on hundreds of different hard drives at MCE123. His passion for Information Technology was demonstrated at a young age, starting in High School, and he's completed several degrees since then, including a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management - which gave him a business infrastructure designer's perspective for website design. He's the type of person that says "Yes!" before he even knows how to do something, because he has so much confidence that he will be able to figure it out, that he is ok with promising the world and delivering on it later! That's a quality that's hard to come by with programmers - and Patrick is like that with all of his professional work. Everything is very hard, until Patrick figures it out, which he always does, and then it's very easy from there on out. He started his own Marketing / IT Firm in 1999 while he was still in high school, and he's served thousands of clients since then. Patrick McElhiney's professional career didn't start with a college degree - he literally figured everything out before he went to college, and then he expanded into the details when he got into school. He was programming complete websites from scratch at the age of 15. Trust the track record that Patrick has lived by - he's very comfortable doing anything with computers, especially if it's extremely complicated - because he believes in being rewarded for major accomplishments.


This section includes descriptions of types of work experience that Patrick R. McElhiney has had in the past. This section doesn't include all types of work experience that Patrick R. McElhiney is qualified to perform, or even all work experience that Patrick has performed before. There are so many different types of work that Patrick McElhiney has done in the past, through running his company, MCE123, that it's better just to ask him in person if he's able to do something, and what his related experience is in that field. Without asking, you're not going to get the full picture of what Patrick is capable of doing. However, please feel free to browse these sections to learn more about Patrick R. McElhiney's work experience.

This page contains information about Patrick R. McElhiney's professional qualifications, without specifically narrowed-down statements that employers usually look for on resumes. This page presents all of the skills that Patrick R. McElhiney has had experience with.

Patrick R. McElhiney has volunteered over 10,000 hours of time in his life with non-profit organizations, including those listed below. He has become an environmental steward while growing up in Turlock, CA and Dover, NH. Patrick has been stomping out a path to call his own - for the purpose of representing the good work that he has done, to that of professional integrity, even when the work has not been profitable. This work has helped to develop good business skills, and develop mutual respect towards Patrick and his community. It makes him feel great - like he's making a difference, even while at the same time the opportunity cost is high, and he could be doing something else that makes his company more money. If there's one thing that Patrick has learned - it's that money isn't always the motivating factor in decisions. He truly has a footing to reach out to people and understand what their needs are, to develop logistical infrastructure that can deliver on those needs.

Patrick also has good environmental habits, such as recycling and reusing things for different purposes after they have already been used. An example of where this started was in Fourth Grade, when Patrick built a model of the International Space Station using ordinary garbage, such as the plastic containers that his father had slid his shaving razor blades out of to represent solar arrays. Patrick also built a paper-mache Space Shuttle using a 2-liter bottle and some cardboard. Patrick was inspired by his grandmother, Dottie McElhiney, who was an influential environmentalist that worked at California State University, East Bay in Hayward, CA. Patrick drew and colored signs to promote world peace and taking care of the environment for his grandmother's environmental campaign. Patrick also learned how to garden from her, and his father, Michael A. McElhiney, who was the District Conservationist for the United States Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation District in Stockton, and later in Patterson, and then in Modesto, CA.