At the age of 24, Patrick R. McElhiney lived in Dover, New Hampshire, where he attended McIntosh College in the studies of Business Management. He acted as his college's chapter Secretary of Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX, 2007-08), a national division of DECA that is devoted to developing future leaders in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Mr. McElhiney organized a major car wash fundraiser at Advance Auto Parts in Hampton, NH that exceeded fundraisers of previous years. He also achieved the Dean's List for High Honors in October, 2007 and became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK, 2007-08) international honors society. He joined Student Government to advocate on behalf of students to the institutional faculty in a time of great change.

Patrick McElhiney also worked for Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign while he attended McIntosh College, and this was well known. He was threatened by one student, who said he was going to bring his gun to school and shoot Patrick. He made the threat directly to Patrick, while Patrick was working on the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream presentation in Fred Brack's class. He considers the time he spent at McIntosh College professional in the context of furthering his education, and he received the Faculty Award - the highest honors given based on a nomination and voting process from college staff (McIntosh College, 2008). His final cumulative GPA was 3.97 out of 4.0.


Classes Completed

  • CAS 201 Introduction to Business Software Applications [ Challenged Class ]
  • CAS 100 Introduction to Computer Applications [ Challenged Class ]
  • BUS 101 Introduction to Business Grade Received: ]
  • BUS 206 Legal Environment of Business Grade Received: ]
  • MAT 120 Finite Math Grade Received: A- ]
  • BIO 135 Environmental Science Grade Received: ]
  • ECO 202 Macroeconomics Grade Received: ]
  • BUS 215 Management And Supervision Grade Received: ]
  • BUS 217 Small Business Finance Grade Received: ]
  • BUS 240 Principles of Finance Grade Received: ]
  • BFM 215 Retail Management Grade Received: ]
  • PHI 101 Ethics Grade Received: ]


Transfer Credits Used

  • ENG 101 English Composition Transfer Credit ]
  • MAT 110 College Algebra Transfer Credit ]
  • ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I Transfer Credit ]
  • ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II Transfer Credit ]
  • BUS 233 Marketing Transfer Credit ]
  • COM 101 Effective Communication Transfer Credit ]
  • ECO 203 Microeconomics Transfer Credit ]
  • PSY 101 Introduction To Psychology Transfer Credit ]







  • Save McIntosh College - in response to Career Education Corporation's decision to close McIntosh College.



Recommendation Letters:


The Closure of McIntosh College

Career Education Corporation, McIntosh College's parent company, announced on February 15th, 2008 that it would be closing the school for economic reasons. McElhiney contacted the Press and Government officials to attempt to save the school from closure, or at least find another way to keep an educational institution in the buildings (Save McIntosh College, 2008).