Buvy Dee Doos - caramelized mushrooms. Patrick's mother hates them, but Patrick and his father loved them when Patrick was growing up in Stockton. Patrick still eats them today, usually with steak and potatoes, and sometimes fresh green beans.

My "Yaww" - the edge of Patrick's "blue blanky" (blanket) when he was little, which was frayed from excessive rubbing between right thumb and right index finger. One time, on a trip to New Hampshire to see Nana, Patrick threw up on his Blue Blanky, and he waited by the washer and dryer until it was cleaned and dried. He used to drag it around like Linus does on Peanuts. The blue blanket had little emblems of the Cookie Monster all over it.

"Mee Moos" - stuffed animals. Patrick has had a lot of these over the years. He still has some, even now that he's all grown up. They all have personalities. He also liked to play with Mee Moos and sock puppets with Janet Dendy while he was a child.

"Dee Dee" - referring to Patrick's only sister, Crystal. She hated that name. That's what Patrick used to call her.

"Smashed Carrots" - adopted from Auntie Gloria.

"Pasta Matsa" - Patrick's sister's phrase

"Frucks" - "Big Frucks" - when Patrick was unable to pronounce the "T" in Trucks, he would call them "Frucks". This caught the gaze of on-lookers when Patrick was talking about the various construction vehicles, or "Doodle Bugs" as Stephen would say, that Patrick really liked. Patrick had lots of toy construction trucks at home that he played with on a regular basis.

"Sweet Sweeper" - Patrick used to call the Street Sweeper the "Sweet Sweeper" when he couldn't pronounce the "T".

"Boogie" - what Patrick's mother used to call Patrick's father.